Siem Reap, Cambodia in Three Days

Cambodia…I love you. I love the people. I love the temples. I love the history. I love the buzz in the city. I love the food. Nothing but LOVE…

When preparing for this trip, I was slightly frustrated with figuring out what temples/sights to see (as there are countless) and in what order, so I thought I’d make an easy list for everyone to reference (see below).

Flight: Jetstar from Singapore- on a Friday afternoon and back on a Tuesday afternoon-4 nights, 3 full days total, which was perfect.

Accommodation: Borei Angkor Resort & Spa. The service was OUTSTANDING. They even will pack you food for your early morning Angkor Wat sunrise excursion. The hotel was immaculate and modern. It’s located about 10 min. (tuk tuk) ride from downtown /Pub Street ($2USD). Breakfast buffet (really large and good!) and airport transport  is included in room rate. It’s definitely a family friendly hotel.


Visa: We applied for our E-Visas 2 weeks prior to leaving. This allowed ample time for processing. Upon arrival, customs was very fast and easy.  $30USDpp

Transportation: After reading online, we found the MOST AMAZING tuk tuk driver ever! His name is Adam and he’s a local Cambodian. His rates were great compared to what the hotel was offering. He was very kind, considerate, punctual and knowledgable. He was really flexible as to what we wanted to do each day and his English is also great. I cannot recommend him enough…we just loved him! He can be contacted via email at or via Facebook (Name: Davuth Kang)




  • Phare Circus—YOU MUST DO THIS! This was the highlight of our trip, besides the temples, of course. At first, I thought it’d be like Cirque du Soleil…boy was I wrong! It was even better than any Cirque show I’ve seen and much more kid friendly too (if you’re wondering if kiddos can go). You MUST pre-book tix, as the show fills up quickly and PAY EXTRA for the front row, it’s totally worth it…and you get an awesome free gift! We went early and had a glass of wine and an app too, which I’d totally recommend.




  • Pub Street—Our GO TO place every day/night after temple hopping all day. Here, you’ll find endless streets full of restaurants, bars, shopping and massages



  • Night Market —Your typical night market full of shopping, souvenirs, etc. BE SURE to bargain.


  • II Forno—pizza and bruschetta were perfect…and they even had Proseccco!

img_3076 img_3079

  • Genevieve’s—we LOVED this restaurant SO much, we ate here 3 times during our stay in Siem Reap. You MUST go! Best dishes: Lok Lak, Amok Chicken, Khmer Curry, Fried Spring Rolls….all delicious. Service is outstanding and the owner is exceptionally friendly.



Massages: Pub Street is full of countless massage places, all at crazy cheap prices. A 30 minute foot massage will run about $4USD and a 60 min body massage, with oil, ran about $9. We liked Pura Vida, which had multiple locations all over town.



Day 1: This is the longest day…5am-3pm

Temple ticket purchase: $40 per person for a 3 day pass, $20 for a one day pass

  • Angkor Wat at sunrise (4am wake up…bring on the coffee, but totally worth it).



  • Ta Prohm-otherwise known as the Tomb Raider temple


  • Ta Nei


  • Ta Keo


  • Angkor Thom Entrance


  • Bayon-Temple of Many Faces- OUR FAVORITE..this one is just magical



  • Phnom Bakheng-recommended for sunset. It’s a bit of a trek up a hill, so make sure you’re wearing proper footwear


Day 2: 10am-2pm

  • Preah Khan


  • Ta Som


  • East Mebon


  • Pre Rup and Banteay Kdei


  • Banteay Syrei- This one takes about an hour to get to…it’s quite far away from town and all the other temples, but the color of the stone is amazing


  • Phare Circus 8pm

Day 3: 11am-3pm

Floating Village: The  journey to get to the floating village contributed to how amazing the day was. We traveled for nearly one hour down a dirt backroad and really were able to see real Cambodian villages. The road was very bumpy, but it was such a magnificent ride to be out in the countryside.

The floating village, in my opinion, is a must see, but you MUST know, it’s a bit of a tourist rip off. It seemed like every stop along the way, we had to pay more and more. Tickets were $25pp to take a small/long boat, which leads you to an even larger boat (where you tip the driver), which then drives you through the floating village. After coasting through the village, you end up being brought to another dock, where you transfer to a small rowboat (yes, we are on boat#3 by now). The rowboat, which costs $5pp, is steered by a local Cambodian woman, who takes you through a vast array of trees and wildlife. The unique part about this is is that the trees are all growing out of the water. It’s a beautiful, peaceful experience.

Boat #1


Boat #2


Boat #3




Floating Village: This was very emotional for us, as you really get to see the poverty that the locals in the village live in.



Temples we missed but worth considering: Being Mealea and Roluos Group (you can add this one onto the end of the Floating Village)


  • Scarfs are not enough cover ups for some of the temples, so bring a long sleeved shirt
  • Bring an umbrella, sunscreen, a hat, water, snacks, and wear comfortable shoes
  • US Dollars are the primary currency, although they will give you Cambodian currency as small change after purchasing items

Overall, we had such an unforgettable experience in Cambodia. It is such a beautiful place, with beautiful, gentle people. We have never felt so humbled and grateful for all that we’ve been blessed with in this life. The temples are absolutely magical and the food is delicious as well! We definitely will be returning one day!


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Stay tuned…our next trip is back to Thailand to stay on Phi Phi Island 🙂








Hong Kong Day 1: SOHO

I must admit…I wasn’t that excited to return to Hong Kong. I’d been 5 years prior and I remember it being ‘just another city.’ But, it was Josh’s 31st birthday and we were staying in a new area of town, so I was determined to gain a different perspective on it…and I CERTAINLY DID!

We flew the first Singapore Airlines flight out in the a.m., which took about 4 hours. The flight into HK never disappoints, so be sure to grab a window seat!


After landing, we were slightly disappointed that HK no longer stamps your passport when you go through customs (mine was stamped 5 years ago upon entry/exit). Bummer! We navigated to the taxi line to central, which was much easier than I expected. All the taxi vehicles that go to central are red and line up on the left of the queue. There is also a person there to help with communicating to the driver where you wish to go  because most locals in HK speak Cantonese (dialect of Mandarin, Chinese). Fortunately, our Airbnb owners are smart and gave us the address in Chinese characters as well as English. 20 minutes and about $35USD later, we were in the upbeat area of SOHO on Hong Kong island.

Our Airbnb was AMAZING: the owners, the info they provided about the area, the decor/cleanliness, the location… absolutely wonderful. It’s located on a small side street, which was filled with people hanging out and drinking beer on the street when we arrived. Such good vibes.

Check it out if you’re planning to stay on HK island:


The other AMAZING feature of the Airbnb on Peel Street, is that it is located next door to the COOLEST little coffee shop EVER: Peel Street Espresso Bar. The decor, vibe and service are all above par. We went to this place twice, once for espresso (duh) and a cookie, and another morning for breakfast. FYI, the Avo Toast and Banana & Nutella Bagel are DEVINE.




Just down Peel street, there’s also a daily wet market, which boasts fresh meat, vegetables and fruits. We had so much fun just walking around the streets at the market, observing all the people and items for sale.





SOHO is the perfect area to visit, because it’s super close to an abundance of bars, restaurants, malls, the Peak Tram and Lan Kwai Fong (I’ll explain this later). There is also a very large expat population in this region, so much so that, at some points throughout the trip, we forgot we were in China. I was SO in love with the winding, hilly, dirty streets (anything is dirty when you’re coming from Singapore, btw). We couldn’t get enough of just walking around and exploring, although it was SUPER hot in end June.



There are a LOT of happy hour places around SOHO, with really great prices. Otherwise, food and beverage prices are very comparable to Singapore=expensive. After we dropped our bags at the Airbnb, we walked around and found a cute little local pub on Wyndham that brews their own beer called The Tipping Point Brewery Co. Apparently they are Hong Kong’s first brew pub. The Brewery’s lager beer was awesome and the apps we ordered, spicy chicken wings and mini burger sliders, were surprisingly tasty.

After consuming a few beverages, we roamed around the streets until we could check into our Airbnb, take a quick cat nap, and then get ready to rock Josh’s birthday dinner.

After doing a LOT of research, I finally decided on taking Josh to Wooloomooloo Prime, although there are two locations in Singapore. This place did NOT disappoint. Although the price is really steep, the view of the city was epic and the steak was divine, not to mention the 5 different sauces that come with the steaks…OMG. If you’re looking for an impressive, special occasion meal, then this is your place. We spent several hours at Wooloomooloo, enjoying the view, sipping Prosecco and reveling in the fact that we were in the great city of Hong Kong!

Our view from outside. Beautiful.


Broiled Sea Scallops: wrapped in apple wood smoked bacon, served with mango chutney & topped with salmon roe. Delicious.


Tuna & Spanner Crab Tartare: a base of avocado, orange, shallot & coriander topped with sweet spanner crab & sashimi-grade tuna. Finished with sour cream & salmon roe. This was served plain, although we asked for crackers, which complimented it better.


Our FEAST for dinner: We each ordered the 10oz center-cut Filet Mignon, which was HUGE.  We totally should’ve shared, but we ended up boxing up half of the steak and taking it home. Additionally, we topped each steak with lump crab meat, which went well. The steaks are served with 4 different sauces: Au Jus, Peppercorn Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and Red Wine Madeira. I loved the Mushroom Sauce, while Josh preferred the Red Wine Madeira. Josh also ordered a Horseradish Cream Sauce, which went really well with the steaks. For our sides, I went total American and ordered a baked potato, while Josh ordered the Sautéed Kipfer Potatoes, which were the BEST!


NOTE: all items are a-la-cart.

It was an unforgettable birthday dinner!


After dinner, we took a taxi back to our Airbnb to drop off our leftover food and have a drink. Then, we took a 10 minute (just under a half mile, 600 meter) walk to go out at the famous Lan Kwai Fong. There was an awesome vibe on these streets with many bars/pubs that were, surprisingly,  filled with people and loud music on a Monday night. We had a blast!




One Day in Macau

Macau-called the ‘Las Vegas’ of Asia- is actually the gambling capital of the world, housing more casino floor space than Las Vegas, it’s truly a gamblers paradise.

It’s so amazing that you can hop on a high speed ferry from Hong Kong and, in less than an hour, arrive in Macau. There is NO need to spend the money to stay at a hotel in Macau, unless you’re dying to, because there is a ferry always running, 24 hours a day, almost every 15 minutes, so you can come/go whenever you please. We walked the 15 minutes from SOHO to the ferry terminal and purchased our tickets for TurboJet Macau. The ferry was smooth, clean and fast.


Upon arrival at the ferry terminal in Macau, after clearing customs, simply go outside and follow the signs to the free shuttle buses that take you to the casinos. We hopped on the bus traveling to The Venetian, which is located across the bridge in Taipa, and were there in less than 15 minutes.

I have to be honest, I really didn’t care for Macau. Of all the cities we’ve traveled to thus far, it was probably my least favorite. There really isn’t much to do there, besides casinos and a small historical region. Plus, there is VERY LITTLE DRINKING and restaurants! As an American, I’ve been to Las Vegas and Atlantic City where gambling goes hand in hand with drinking. Free drinks are served while gambling in the USA. There are bars inside the casinos. It’s a perfect marriage. Then I came to Macau…

We literally had to SEARCH and SEARCH and SEARCH for a bar inside the Venetian. And, after walking around forever, we finally found THE ONLY pub. So,  if sober gambling is your thing, then Macau is totally for you!

Don’t get me wrong, the Venetian was beautiful on the inside, but it is almost SO large that it’s difficult to navigate. It’s actually the seventh-largest building in the world by floor area. It’s also the largest casino in the world, and the largest single structure hotel building in Asia. We played roulette for an hour and roamed around for a few hours to get some souvenirs, see the gondolas and of course try a Portuguese Egg Tart (which was totally overrated).






After The Venetian, we walked across the street to the ever so beautiful Galaxy. Take my advice, once you’ve seen one casino, you’ve seen them all. We made it about 15 minutes inside and then decided we were officially done with the casino portion of Macau. We hopped another free shuttle from The Galaxy to the historical part of Macau, Senado Square.



I have to say that Senado Square was my favorite part of Macau. The streets are made of cobblestone and the Portuguese architecture is really apparent throughout this part of town. It really is beautiful, especially at night. After roaming around the streets for a while, we finally came to the #1 site to see, The Ruins of St. Paul.  We snapped a few photos and then realized that we’d much rather spend our last few hours in Hong Kong because there really wasn’t much left to do in Macau, so we hopped back on the ferry to complete our last night out on the town in HK.



IMG_1506 IMG_1515

Overall it was an awesome, unforgettable trip to Hong Kong and Macau! Stay tuned…next up is Siem Reap, Cambodia in September! Drop me a message or comment if you like what you’ve read or have any questions! 🙂