Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, oh the ever-so-unforgettable Barcelona…this city is easily one of my favorites in the world. The energy here is indescribable and it’s all due to the great architect, Antoni Gaudí.

When To Go:

Of course the spring and summer months are high seasons for tourism in Barcelona, but the fall and winter are great times to visit as there are less crowds and the weather is on point at around 65F (18C) and sunny. We came in October and the weather was so so perfect!

Where To Stay:

Our Airbnb was AMAZING and one of the nicest we’ve stayed in thus far (and we’ve stayed in over 40). It’s located just two blocks from La Sagrada Familia and is modernly designed and spacious. We would certainly stay here again on our next trip to the city.

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Barcelona Airbnb Link

How To Get Around:

Subway: The subway is the best way to get around the city. It’s fast, affordable and reliable, but be EXTRA careful, as Barcelona is known for a pick-picketers on the subway system.

Walking: Barcelona is quite large of a city, making walking a bit difficult. The distance from La Sagrada Familia to Las Ramblas 3.2km (2miles), which can be a bit of a journey roundtrip.

Taxi: Taxi’s are readily available all over town and are safe and clean, but not exactly affordable. A ride from the airport to The Sagrada Familia will cost you almost 40 Euros.

Airport Aerobus: If you have extra time in your schedule, then the Aerobus is the way to go to get to the airport. The Aerobus stops at various locations in the center of Barcelona, so check the website for which stop is closest to your accommodation. For a roundtrip ticket to and from the airport to the city, it’ll cost you 10.20Euros. Aerobus Website

Renfe Train: For quick, easy transport all around the country, Renfe Train’s are the way to go, although they’re most costly than an Alsa Bus (and they don’t offer Wifi or power outlets). Renfe allows pets on board as well, for a minimal additional feel. Renfe Train Website

Alsa Coach Bus: The MOST cost affective way to travel around Spain, if you have the extra time to spare. Alsa bus is fantastic-the seats are super comfortable, the rates are affordable, and the bus has free wifi. Do note that they do not allow pets on board, so you’ll have to take the train.  Book through BusBud, a reputable website. BusBud Alsa Website

Where To Eat:

We were on a tight budget in Barcelona and I cooked in at our Airbnb most days. For lunch, we grabbed quick Bocadillos (sub sandwiches with salami, chees, etc.-pictured above).  Another great, cheap option in Barcelona is pizza and kebabs, which are virtually on ever corner throughout the whole city.

If you’re looking for great food within all price ranges in Barcelona, I’d check out Eater’s Blog post HERE.

Where To Party:


Hours: Thur 12pm-3:30am, F/S 12pm-5:30am

Cost: €17 at the door,  Online €12 + fees. Both come with a free drink.

Razzmatazz, Barcelona’s biggest night club, is one of the LARGEST clubs I’ve ever been in! It seems with every turn, you’re in a new room with a new DJ playing different music. If you like clubs, there is something here for everyone.

Razzmatazz Website

What To Do:

La Sagrada Familia:

The iconic site of Barcelona and Gaudi’s greatest work, La Sagrada Familia is a site to be seen from both the inside and outside. This gothic meets modern-style architectural church is one of the most beautiful structures I’ve ever seen. Be SURE to buy tickets ahead of time, or you’ll be stuck waiting in line.

Hours: Nov-Feb 9am-6pm, Mar 9am-7pm, Apr-Sept 9am-8pm

Cost: 15€

Sagrada Familia Website

Park Guell:

Park Guell is a public park designed by the great Antoni Gaudi and cannot be missed on your trip. Entry of tickets is limited to 400 every half hour, to ensure preservation of the park, so be SURE to buy tickets ahead of time, or you’ll be stuck waiting in line for hours.

Hours:  Hours vary by season, shortest hours are 8:30am-6:30pm

Cost: 7.00€

Park Guell Website

Las Ramblas:

Las Rambals is a popular street for shopping, street food and street performers and is NOT to missed on your trip. I wouldn’t advise sit-down dining on this street, as restaurants are overpriced and have poor service/food quality. Be mindful of your pockets/belongings on this street, as there are many people roaming around and it’s easy to have things stolen.

Las Ramblas Info


Photo Credit:

Barcelona has over 4km (2.5mi) of beaches, which are located just 10 minutes for the city center. If you have extra time in your schedule, grab a towel and relax in the sunshine!

Barcelona Beach Guide

Gothic Quarter: 

Photo Credit:,_Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is not to be missed. It is full of stunning architecture at every turn. Combine the scenery with trendy bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs, and you’ll have the perfect recipe for a day full of fun!

Gothic Quarter Info

Museo Picasso:

Photo Credit:

The Picasso Museum houses one of the most elaborate collections of art from the Spanish artist. Also, be sure not to miss Las Meninas by Velasquez while you’re there.

Hours: T-Sun 9am-7pm, Thur 9am-9:30pm

Cost: 11€, free on Thur 6pm-9:30pm and first Sunday of each month (9-7)

The Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu:

Photo Credit:

A 600-year-old hospital, which is an architectural masterpiece. This is hospital in which Gaudi died.

Hours: M-Sun 6.30am- 10.30pm

Cost: 12

Old Hospital de la Santa Creu Info

Casa Batllo: 

One of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces, Casa Batllo, constructed in 1877, isn’t to be missed. With a hefty price for entry, we decided to take photos from the outside.

Hours: 9am-9pm everyday

Cost: 23.50€ 

Casa Batllo Website

Casa Mila:

Photo Credit:

Another one of Gaudi’s famous structures, Casa Mila (completed in 1912) was on our list, but we sadly never made it there. Again, the cost of entry is quite high, so you can always just take photos and admire it from the exterior.

Hours: M-Sun 9am-6:30pm and 7pm-9pm

 Cost: 23.50€ 

Barcelona Cathedral:

The great Cathedral of Barcelona, which was constructed in built between  1298-1448.

Hours: 8am-7:30pm

Cost: Free entry 8am-12:30pm and 5:45pm-7:00pm, Entry with donation 1:00pm-5:30pm

Barcelona Cathedral Website

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