Everybody loves a good spa day, but they usually come at a steep cot, unless you’re in fabulous Indonesia. What if I told you that you could have a 6 hour spa day, including lunch, for about $175?!


Tempat Senang:

Located 10 minutes from Sekupang ferry terminal in Batam, this spa does all the work form you when it comes to your perfect spa day. They’ll collect you from the temrinal and take you straight away o the spa, where it’s all rest and relaxation after that. Their customer service was outstanding and I’ve never felt more relaxed in my life after leaving. Martha, the manager, was fantastic.

Tempat Senang Website

How To Get There…

Batam is a small island, just a short, 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore.

Note: Batam is one hour behind Singapore time.

Batamfast Ferry:

Cost: $28USD

Book the Batamfast ferry from HarbourFront terminal, Singapore to Sekupang Terminal, Batam. Be sure to pre-book your tickets online to ensure you’ll get to your spa day without trouble. Tempat Senang will instruct you on which ferry time to choose, deeding on the package you selected with them. There is no visa or fee on arrival for those holding a US Passport.

Batam Fast Ferry Website

The Spa…

Cost: Full Day Spa Package- M-F $1,890,000IDR ($141USD before tax), S/S $2,880,000IDR ($215USD)

Hours: 9am-4pm, lunch 12pm-1pm

Includes: 6 different treatments from spa menu, transport from airport, Indonesian lunch

Cost: Half Day Spa Package-M-F $1,250,000IDR ($93USD), S/S $1,500,000IDR ($112USD)

Hours: 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm

Includes: 3 different treatments from spa menu, transport from airport

The spa is quaint and quiet and the decor is similar to Bali, with dark wood furniture and greenery. It’s the perfect places to relax.

Spa Menu: 

Note: I’ve highlighted my favorites in each list.

Massages: Aromatherapy, Hawaiin Lomi Lomi, Chinese Bamboo Stick, Shiatsu, Balinese, Indonesian, Swedish, Office Massage, Tandem Couples Massage, Thai.  Choose MAX 2.

Scrubs & Wraps: Scrups: Alone Vera, Lavender, Coconut, Citrus & Salt, Coffee & Rice, Peppermint, Cempaka, Javanese Lulur, Seaweed, Himilaya Salt, Bamboo & Lemongrass, Tamarind Body Peel. Wraps: Mud, Hot

Ear Candling: After massaging all the lymph nodes around the ear and neck, a hollow candle is placed in the ear which through the process of convection creates a slight vacuum allowing debris to migrate up into the candle. Skip this one!

Facials: Normal skin, Combination skin, Oily skin, Stressed skin, Dy skin, Hydrating, Acne

Reflexology: Having your feet and calves rubbed for an hour while sipping on some wine is like pure heaven!

Pedicures: Definitely a great choice if you’re feet are in need of some grooming, otherwise skip it and get an extra massage.

Hair & Scalp Treatment: Avocado Cream for Dry Hair, Aloe Vera to Moisturize, Peppermint for Dry Scalp, Honey Collagen to Strengthen

Hot Herbal Compress (Heat Treatments): This is a 400 year old heat-massage treatment that uses a steamed rounded cloth bundled with herbs and spices to administer the massage, allowing the warmth to travel deep into the muscles to soothe chronic body aches and pains. THIS IS A MUST DO…my favorite one! 

Milk Bath: Pamper yourself in a relaxing milk bath set in our outdoor kabuki bath house to soften and rehydrate the skin. Skip this one too.

The Restaurant:

The open air terrace restaurant is the perfect atmosphere to eat the ABSOLUTELY delicious food that they have to offer, and they have plenty of vegetarian, gluten free and seafood free options too! Order the sampler of food, the Beef Rendang or the Kaffir Lime Chicken…wash it down with their thai alcoholic drink (name forgotten)…its divine.

The Hotel:

Not only is Tempat Senang a spa, but it’s also a quaint hotel, with 14 different rooms, each with their own special decor and theme. Many times, they run a promotion offering a free night in one of their rooms if you book a full spa day on a Sunday. $176USD/night

Golf Course:

Wondering what your husband should do while your’e having a spa day with the ladies…send him to the golf course! Tempant Senanag is located just beside Indah Puri Golf Resort.

Indah Puri Golf Course Website


This is a GREAT bachelorette day location!

If you have the spare time, book a later outbound ferry and have dinner here as well. Get the 7 course meal from around the world.


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