For more specific details on each attraction, check out the Kyoto Post under Destinations-Asia Northeast-Japan.

Best Time To Go: October, November (fall) & March, April, May (spring)

Central Kyoto (Day 1):

Nijo Castle

Nishiki Market

Lunch: Ramen Sen No Kaze 

Sento Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Dinner: Pontoncho-OC Osteria Colon 

Late Night: Hello Dolly
Southern Kyoto (Day 2):

Coffee: Vermillion Espresso Bar

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
Lunch: Hiwa Mata Noboru Ramen 


Dinner: ShabuZen
Eastern Kyoto (Day 3):

Kiyomizudera Temple

Higashiyama District 

Chion-in Temple

Lunch: Junsei Restaurant


Path of Philosphy

Ginkaku-ji Temple (Silver Pavillion)

Dinner: Omen Restaurant
Northern/Western Kyoto (Day 4):

Kinkaju-Ji (Golden Temple)

Lunch: Okonomiyaki Katsu 

Bamboo Forest

Dinner: Otsuka

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